The pharmaceutical and dairy industries seem worlds apart, each with it’s own special requirements. But they have something in common: the need for sanitary equipment.

Piping and other components used in processing equipment for these industries must conform to stringent sanitation standards established by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Vendome adheres to these regulations as specified in each customer’s specific design requirements.

To meet the special requirements of these industries, we use a wide variety of stainless steels and other non-ferrous alloys. Our shell and tube heat exchangers, ranging from 25 square feet to 5,000 square feet capacity, meet TEMA and ASME standards. Our piping systems for the dairy industry conform to FDA sanitation standards. We provide a wide range of fermenters and other equipment for processing both liquids and solids.

Our modularized process systems, complete with pumps, instruments, controls and equipment, are skid-mounted for easier field installation and quicker start-up.