Vendome’s early reputation was built by supplying the brewing industry with brewkettles, tubs, cookers and piping made of copper. Times changed and so did we. Today the majority of our fabricated equipment for the brewing industry is made of stainless steel or a combination of special alloys.

Regardless of the materials used, we apply the same craftsmanship and know-how that made Vendome a leading supplier to America’s largest brewers. We manufacture, install, maintain and refurbish a variety of equipment. This includes spent grain hoppers, custom stainless steel storage tanks, stainless and copper percolators, heating coils, vapor stacks, cookers, brewkettles, and other process vessels.

We produce both fire brewed and steam heated brewkettles, sized from 100 to 1200 barrel capacity. From concept to final installation, we provide complete services to large breweries world-wide.