A Day on the Trail: Aerial Delivery of Wilderness Trail Distillery’s 36′ Copper Column Still

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By Distillery Trail 

The new still uses a similar design to the existing 36 foot, 18″ diameter copper column still that’s been in use for the last year and a half except like a McDonald’s lunch, it’s super sized. The new 7,000 lb. Vendome copper column still measures 36′ tall with a 36″ diameter and 19 plates. It’s made up of 15 stripping plates, one detrainment plate and three rectification plates. Riding along with the still was a 72″ copper beer pre-heater designed for 40 to 42 gallons per minute feed rate and a pair of condensers.

The building going up here will be home to two 10,000 gallon cookers, six 20,000 gallon fermentation tanks and a 25,000 gallon beer well.

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