Made by Ghosts: Bagpipes, A Dead Distillery & 1,000 Barrels of Seagram’s Bourbon

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March 14, 2017
Distillery Trail Blog Post

We’ve been blessed with a lot of great things falling into place and good Karma. The journey of the buildout began with a visit to Vendome Copper and  Brass Works in Louisville, where we met Rob Sherman. Rob and team eventually built our 500 gallon copper pot still, affectionately named “The Bear.” William Snyder, the first owner of The Boone County Distilling Company in 1833, believe it or not, owned a pet bear that was well memorialized in local folklore by local historian Lewis Loder (1857-1904).

Anyway, Rob Sherman at Vendome gave me a list of whiskey consultants that might be interested in helping us get started. I called the first one on the list, simply because he had a nearby area code that would represent someone that likely lives within 20 minutes of us. The name of the first consultant I called was Larry Ebersold, a Chemical Engineer (who as it turned out, lives in Boone County) and worked at Seagram’s Distillery for 38 years. Our distillery layout and whiskey making processes are all the result of what Larry sketched out on a piece of graph paper with a pencil. Larry has taught us how to make excellent bourbon and rye whiskey.

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The Boone County Distilling Company opened in December 2015, becoming the first legal distillery in the county for more than 100 years. A view of the distilling area.
Photo: David Sorcher